Dobro došli na službene stranice Općine Pašman


The Pašman Municipality was constituted on entry into force of the Act on the Territories of Counties, Towns and Municipalities in the Republic of Croatia, on December 30, 1993, by the force of which it was detached from the then Biograd na moru Municipality as an independent unit of local self-government.

The first constituent assembly of the Municipal Council was held on April 14, 1993. The then Pašman Municipality, with its seat in the town of Pašman, included the entire island of Pašman until January 7, 1997, when the Tkon Municipality was constituted on the island of Pašman pursuant to the Act on the Territories of Counties, Towns and Municipalities in the Republic of Croatia.

Today the Pašman Municipality covers 77,3%, or 48,73 km2, of the island of Pašman and includes 7 towns – Kraj, Pašman (Pašman, Mali Pašman and Barotul), Mrljane, Neviđane, Dobropoljana, Banj and Ždrelac. According to the 2001 Census, the Pašman Municipality has in total 2004 inhabitants, out of which 290 live in Kralj, 383 in Pašman (together with Mali Pašman and Barotul), 224 in Mrljane, 397 in Nevišane, 274 in Dobropoljana, 194 in Banj and 245 in Ždrelac.
Among the 32 municipalities of the Zadar County, the Pašman Municipality comes 19’th according to size and 21’st according to the number of inhabitants.

According to the decision of the Municipal Council of the Pašman Municipality, the Municipality day is celebrated on June 13, which is the day of St Anthony of Padua.

The public communal service “Otok Pašman” was founded in 2002 by the Pašman Municipality. Its goal is to improve urban planning, construction and the maintenance of communal infrastructure. One of the most important and large-scale projects carried out by the public communal service was the construction of the local water supply network, around 55 km in length and with around 1000 connections.

The public communal service now employs 11 people who work on regular waste disposal onto a landfill that is not located on the island, connecting facilities to the water supply network and street-lights maintaining.

Traffic connectivity

The island of Pašman is connected to the mainland on two sides, from Biograd and Zadar. By ferry from Biograd you arrive directly to the island of Pašman, to the town Tkon, in 15 minutes, and from Zadar to Preko on the island of Ugljan. Pašman and Ugljan are connected by a bridge so arrival from the island of Ugljan presents no problem. These two islands are also connected by bus lines between Tkon and Preko, and the busses are coordinated with almost all the ferry lines on both sides.

Dobrodošli na otok Pašman

Pašman je otok u zadarskom arhipelagu, od Zadra i Biograda o dvojen slikovitim Pašmanskim kanalom po kojemu su, poput niske bisera, razasuti deseci malenih otočića. Morska struja koja mijenja smjer svakih 6 sati čini ovo more najčišćim na Jadranu.









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