Dobro došli na službene stranice Općine Pašman

Island of Pašman

The island of Pašman forms a part of the Zadar archipelago. The picturesque Pašman Channel, with many islands resembling scattered pearls, separates it from the mainland and the towns of Zadar and Biograd. The rapid stream that changes its course every 6 hours makes the sea a very clean part of the Croatian Adriatic, alredy known for its clearness and transparence. Very early humans settled in the area of Pašman 63 sq/km.

Single archeological finds witness to the way of life of the early stone age “Paleolitic” cultivators who inhabited this part of the Adriatic. We should mention Illyric towns, gradine – primitive fortifications at elevated sites, Roman ruins, ville rusticae, various mosaics, a stone statue of St. Michael (12th century) in Nevidjane and many others.

Beyond the village of Tkon, crowing the picturesque hill of Cokovac, is the benedictine monastery of Ss. Cosmas and Damien, erected in 1125. The monastery was the centre of Glagolic liturgy and literature. The curch, designed in the Gothic style and erected on the ruins of the older Romanesque one was built from 1369 till 1419. We must mention the Gothic Crucifixion, painted by a local painter from the end of the century.

At Kraj, 3 kilometers to the north, is the Franciscan monastery (1390), with the curch and graceful courtyard from the 16th century. The monastery was reconstructed in1557. We should also mention the Renaissance cloister, the dinning room, and the museum in which are kept several pictures of considerable value, and the panel representing the “Madonna with Child and St. John the Baptist”.

Mediterranean climate is responsible for the growth of rich flora and fauna, many species of medicinal and aromatic plants and also the submarine world hides all kinds of shells and fish of the Croatian Adriatic

The island of Pasman is covered with lavish Mediterranean vegetation – pinewoods, vineyards, olive-groves, orchards and dense evergreen growing wild, and also with some aromatic and medicine herbs. Its submarine life is very rich, with various kinds of shells and fish. A majority of the population (3100) of the small villages of Tkon, Ugrinic, Kraj, Pasman, Mali Pasman, barotul, Mrljane, Nevidjane, Dobropoljana, Banj and Zdrelac lives of fishery and farming.

Recently, these diligent, hardworking and serene fishermen and farmers have been offering a lot:-appartments, I and II cat, rooms, vacation houses, pansions, car-camping, taverns, wine cellars and restaurants. You are supposed to taste the fruits of the sea and the products of their hard work in the fields, on a fertile, rich, ecologically safe island of Pasman.

Dobrodošli na otok Pašman

Pašman je otok u zadarskom arhipelagu, od Zadra i Biograda o dvojen slikovitim Pašmanskim kanalom po kojemu su, poput niske bisera, razasuti deseci malenih otočića. Morska struja koja mijenja smjer svakih 6 sati čini ovo more najčišćim na Jadranu.









Pašman / Mali Pašman