Dobro došli na službene stranice Općine Pašman

Ugljan island

The island of Ugljan (52 km2 and 75 km of irregular coastline) lies just opposite to Zadar, divided only by several nautical miles of the Zadar Channel. It is covered by evergreen pine forests, macchia, fig trees, vineyards and olive groves. 

It has been tied to the sea, sailing and fishing for years,while its 2,000 years of experience in olive growing has left hundreds of thousands of olive trees. Oils of exceptional quality and fine aromas are produced from these olives. The entire northeastern side of the island contains a series of natural coves in which fishing and tourist settlements are nestled, among which the best known are Kukljica, Kali, Preko and Ugljan. 

The other side of the island is generally uninhabited, as the coastal terrain is marked by jagged cliffs. However, its corresponding inlets, islets and rich undersea life make it a true challenge for divers and sport fishermen. The areas around the covers of Velika and Mala Lamjana, as well as Sabuša in the extreme southwest, are particularly attractive. 

The hilly yet gentle inland terrain is crisscrossed by numerous paths which are perfect for walks or biking trips. 

Those who love Mediterranean landscapes will relish its unforgettable panoramas; one of the most impressive can be seen from the Venetian fortress of St. Michael (13th century). Artifacts from the Roman era, early medieval Croatian chapels, monasteries, island stone architecture and numerous villas testify to the early human habitation of this island.

Over 2,500 hours of sunshine annually, stone and sandy beaches, a clean and crystal-clear sea, various possibilities for accommodation, original cuisine and good ferry-line connections with Zadar and Biograd are only a few reasons to visit and stay on this island.

Dobrodošli na otok Pašman

Pašman je otok u zadarskom arhipelagu, od Zadra i Biograda o dvojen slikovitim Pašmanskim kanalom po kojemu su, poput niske bisera, razasuti deseci malenih otočića. Morska struja koja mijenja smjer svakih 6 sati čini ovo more najčišćim na Jadranu.









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