Dobro došli na službene stranice Općine Pašman


Neviđane is a village and a port on the island of Pašman, at 3 km to the northwest from the town Pašman. Both towns are located next to the regional road that goes all along the island. The older part of the village lies about 300 m away from the coast.

The town was first mentioned in 1067 and was named after the local monastery of St Nevijana, destroyed during the Candian War fought in the 17’th century. Next to the present-day parish church, which dates from the late 19’th century, we find the ruins of a church built in 1670. On the graveyard there are ruins of a chapel dating from the year 990 (it was reconstructed in the 15’th century, and there is a gothic relief of St. Michael above the door). To the west of the village we also find the ruins of St. Martin’s chapel dating from the period between 9’th and 11’th century.

Neviđane are known for its nice beach. Apart from bathing and water sports, visitor opportunities include the well-known gastronomic offer of the island. Entertainment programs are offered in nearby Biograd na Moru.

In addition to the countless still unstudied archeological sites from Illyrian and Roman times, the Church of St. Michael from 1018 is also an important monument. The lovely sand beaches are attracting increasing numbers of tourists, while the residents, traditionally excellent navigators, have become involved in nautical tourism in recent times.

Dobrodošli na otok Pašman

Pašman je otok u zadarskom arhipelagu, od Zadra i Biograda o dvojen slikovitim Pašmanskim kanalom po kojemu su, poput niske bisera, razasuti deseci malenih otočića. Morska struja koja mijenja smjer svakih 6 sati čini ovo more najčišćim na Jadranu.









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